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Design, Single Click Create, Paste to your Web Page or Blog Post

HTML Popup Windows added quickly to your web page or WordPress blog with a powerful Windows DHTML popup window generator and multiple popup windows system.

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Supports any content - videos, images, multi-lingual text. Pick from a wide range of templates and transform into exactly what you want and where you want it with a well organized user interface and full customization at your fingertips.

"All your popup needs in one easy interface with copy/paste code automatically generated"

Create email optin form popups, lightbox popups, adverts, notices, video popups, exit popups, footer ads all as standard. Create complex projects with multiple DHTML layers or sets of content for lists of links displaying images & video, with full content-switching, display, location and dynamic control capabilities. Supplied with a range of images, close buttons, code examples & display examples.

Works with any normal web page, with CMS systems, WordPress directly in the post or using a plugin, & Joomla! Displays on all browsers & hand-held devices iPad, iPhone, Android.

Or go beyond standard and use the powerful built-in API to add and extend the code as much as you wish. User friendliness & extensibility have been the 2 main focuses of the pop up generator development.

Advanced DHTML Popup now includes these free add-ons!     Footer ads + Custom Images

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At a glance

  • Video popups with any 3rd party player - JW Player, YouTube, FlowPlayer, or with our own Video Player
  • WordPress popups, exit popups, cookie control
  • Cross browser:-
      Internet Explorer 6.x - 10.x+  Firefox 5.x+  Safari 4.x, 5.x+ Win/Mac 
      Google Chrome 12.x+  Opera 10.x, 11.x+ 
  • Intuitive Windows application - XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 - Design & test before publishing
  • Email optin forms using any 3rd party email list service
  • Cookie control for frequency & probability of display
  • Footers ads with large range of beautiful templates included
  • Create content with CSS designs, images, complete customization. Large selection of great images and close buttons included.
  • Wide range of templates for common purposes some of which contain special additional scripted functionality

Latest updates (see all updates)

  1. New template mail-me:

    Many users want to collect email addresses for their businesses from interested visitors but do not have and / or do not want a third party service to provide the optin form code, collect the emails, store them on their servers and send out emails to the list using their software.

    This is a simple solution produced in response to requests from many users asking how they could just get the submitted name & email sent to them.

    A simple php script is supplied with this template which is uploaded along with the other files and this will take the form submitted details and email them to you automatically.

  2. New template rotateContent:

    Using the auto-rotation option of the multiple contents feature multiple contents are rotated per page view - optionally controlled by cookies instead.

Advanced DHTML Popup is easy & fast - the degree to which both the design and the method of appearance can be customized is very high. Not only can all aspects be modified at design-time with a live preview automatically updated, but also at run-time dynamically from the page for those who want to go the extra distance in effect.

Designed for both novices who wish to get a popup working fast, and for the advanced users who have complex, dynamic projects. It is a truly powerful application which has been designed around the idea of extensibility from the basic output.

This means that while a project can be up and running on your web page within minutes, you can also extend the methods and appearance in many ways, often making use of additional components or combinations of them to achieve the desired effect precisely.

Major Features

  • Floating Layers over your web page

    Make as unobtrusive and subtle as you want, automatic or link triggered by the visitor

  • Fully customizable with a well-designed interface and range of templates

    Live preview automatically updated either at design time or manipulated at run time by simple add-on scriptlets

  • Dynamic control

    Can be used with server-side script (ASP, PHP etc.) and databases (e.g. MySQL) for dynamic variable substitution, content, links, dynamic pages and dynamic content.

  • Add / remove files to and from the project

    Add your own files to the project (editable & images etc) and make editable files available for editing in the tabbed editing environment.

  • Tabbed environment for multiple simultaneous popups

    Tabs are used for each popup of a multi-popup project, automatically generating the required API code (Ultimate only)

  • Multiple sequential (such as image thumbnail link lists) popups

    This features uses the API functions automatically to swap content/position/size according to which link (for example) in a multi-link page was selected.

  • Full width auto-scrolling (footer/header ads), full width & height (interstitial ads)
  • Multiple placement options, anchor to an HTML page element with optional offsets

    There are Multiple positioning options - x,y coordinates, choose from 9 fixed locations such as center, top right etc, with auto-repositioning. Or anchor to a point in the page - the layer remains fixed with pixel perfect positioning.

  • Variety of timed entry & exit methods or link/image triggered display

    Use with opening and closing optional delays, combined with all other methods for appearance.

  • Multiple effects for the entry and exit methods

    Optionally use motion entry and exit effects such as slide-in, out, up, fade-in, out etc as well as more complex continuous scrolling and relative positioning effects such as combinations of entry methods like slide-in, fixing to a particular position in the browser and scrolling. Resizing the browser automatically updates the relative position of the popup.

  • Visitor control options

    Control the entry and exit of the DHTML layer based on mouse-over, mouse-out, on-click events or automatic appearance with optional delay combined with any of the entry methods.

  • Cookie control

    Extensive permanent and session cookie control for the appearance of the popup window. Options for frequency of appearance and probability of appearance also.

  • Content can be either directly entered or linked to with a URL

    Any external page, either a URL or a content page containing script or requiring special language support etc. can be linked directly in to ADP.

  • Custimization at 100%

    The appearance can be anything - the entire popup can be made invisible and the content then built up from CSS, images and text.

  • Footer Ads

    Footer ad templates with full HTML & CSS design of the content and a large selection of pre-made styles and images. These templates have been professionally designed and are extremely attractive.

  • Overlay images & Close Buttons

    This package consists of a set of beautiful and professionally drawn overlay images and close icons. These images are very high quality, many with graded transparency and 3-D effects.

Advanced DHTML Popup makes popup generation easy and fast, with a user friendly Windows™ application that requires no JavaScript experience from the user for typical projects but comes with an API for technically minded users.

The windows that are created with Advanced DHTML Popup are unblockable by standard external window blocking software since they are floating DHTML layers that appear over a web page, and are not external in a new browser window or tab.

The script produced by Advanced DHTML Popup has evolved over years in sophistication, optimization and cross-browser support. The expertise that we have accumulated over this time in solving all the complex issues associated with high-quality DHTML creation is wide-ranging and deep.

Additional Features

  • Full customization of the colors

    This applies to the use of a regular border, title, shadow etc. where colors are chosen either by hex entry or a color chart. If custom designs like pure CSS are used then this will all be controlled directly from the content editor by the user.

  • Optional resize, move/drag, close

    Select moveable from title and/or body. Optional close button in the title bar or content. Optionally use your own close button from any image.

  • Use ASP/PHP with Advanced DHTML Popup for dynamic pages and dynamic content.

    In this context we mean that the content of the popup may be generated using server-side ASP/PHP for example and then passed into the DHTML layer body, or the body could hold an iFrame (easily added as an option in the GUI), and then the content itself can contain ASP/PHP. In addition the linking lines can be a part of a server generated page.

  • Run-time dynamic updating of the content, size, position

    Dynamic control the DHTML layer, as well as many other aspects easily controlled by add-on scriptlets using the API (for developers). Such effects can be multiplied and extended almost indefinitely to produce an extremely rich variety of effects.

  • Flash websites supported

    Both in the case of a DHTML layer appearing on top of the flash or in the case of it being called from within the flash script itself.

  • Tooltip functionality

    Create tootips and little help notices. These are mouse-over/mouse-out tooltips which may fade-in/out or not optionally and be used over many different elements or keywords in the page content.

  • Auto-scrolling & centering (in x and y)

    A wide variety of options is available with auto-resizing and relative positioning (adjusting as the browser window is resized).

  • Full documentation as well as context help available immediately in the GUI.
  • Optimized DHTML layers

    The code is optimized for maximum loading speed (minimal loading times and bandwidth). Also, a choice of how the code is parsed by the browser relative to the page to optimize the loading time.

  • Support of multiple Document Types

    Detect whether a strict or transitional doctype is detected and adjust accordingly.

  • Extensibility and advanced control through easy scripting additions (developers)

    The possibilities for control are generally limited only by the imagination of the user; in particular combinations of such methods can lead to highly varied and rich implementations.

  • Dynamic content, positioning and sizing functions

    These are standard and available as a part of the compiled output optionally for use by the user who wishes to manipulate these aspects through simple function calls in the page (or in fact in the content).

  • Dynamic manipulation of parts of the HTML content through simple scripting methods

    A special example is a scriptlet which may be used to update only one or more elements of the content. This is analogous to using ASP/PHP (see above) to dynamically generate the content.

  • FTP upload of all files required by the project (Ultimate only)

html popup
html popupThis popup layer tool is so fast and flexible that we used it to create an impressive photo gallery:

Our customers love to see our products installed on motorcycles similar the their own. They are impressed by the capability to open larger images with the option to click and drag them around the screen. The popups stay in place as the customer scrolls the page. Any number of bikes can be opened for the user to compare. You will not find a better tool than this one! And Tech Support is quick to respond. New features come out frequently. This is one of those tools that will quickly become a favorite! html popup
Richard Wendrock
html popup
html popupHi Guys, Just wanted to shoot through a quick email to thank you for creating this cool software. I've just finished implementing it on my site and I think it looks great, but best of all it is noticeable without being obstructive to my reader's experience. Thanks again.

Kind Regards
html popup
Claude Alwan