Why Use Advanced DHTML Popup

Advanced DHTML Popup Advantages

Advanced DHTML Popup is the easiest and most powerful solution for creating DHTML Popup windows. We offer unparalleled levels of support for both those with no knowledge and for advanced users with complex demands.

In general, DHTML popups are automatic or triggered by the visitor. They also vary greatly in complexity. See our page on hover ads for an explanation of some of the differences.

We also recommend having a look at what others have done to understand why dhtml popups and hover ads are so powerful and useful when created with the flexibility provided here.

Easy, fast and customizable

Advanced DHTML Popup is easy & fast. The degree to which both the design and the method of appearance can be customized is far beyond what is typical. Not only can all aspects be modified at design-time with a live preview automatically updated, but also at run-time dynamically from the page for those who want to go the extra distance in effect. For a list of features see here.

Extensive capabilities

This product has been designed for both novices who wish to get a popup up and running fast, and for the advanced users who have complex, dynamic projects. It is a truly powerful and extensive application which has been designed around the idea of extensibility from the basic output. This means that while a project can be up and running on your web page within minutes, you can also extend the methods and appearance in many ways, often making use of additional components or combinations of them to achieve the desired effect precisely.

Respect for your Visitors - unobtrusive popups

The popups created by Advanced DHTML Popup will not fill up the desktop of your visitors and irritate them as normal popups do. DHTML popups are served only within the web page and can be as noticeable or as subtle as you like.

But even more important than this, it is not necessary anymore to have various informational popups (privacy notices, testimonials, copyright notices, large versions of thumbnail images etc.) all popping up in an external window - which covers up both the current window and the desktop. Now, all these things can be discreetly displayed in a new layer with this product.

Unblockable popups

The popups that are created with Advanced DHTML Popup are not blocked by standard external window blocking software as they are part of the web page and not windows on your visitors desktop.

Increase your conversion rates & revenue

You can use Advanced DHTML Popup for achieving special goals in your website, such as the click on an advert, the sign-up in a newsletter, the announcement of an offer or even the actual sale of a product. Experiments have shown that advertisements served through Advanced DHTML Popup are noticed and clicked more frequently by visitors as they become the center of attention. Whether your ad revenue is under a pay-per-click or pay-for-performance/sale model the use of Advanced DHTML Popup can help you increase the revenues of your site instantly.

Cross-selling your products

The use of a DHTML Popup is ideal for presenting add-ons for your current customers and increase the revenue from each customer. More and more e-commerce sites are following this strategy with exceptional results.

Going beyond DHTML Popups and hover ads

Dynamic layers, DHTML Popups, hover ads and DHTML windows, call them any of these, are really just the beginning of a new wave of technology on the web. As you will see from many of our user links the range of possibilities open to this technology is practically limitless, including informational display in embedded windows, thumbnail images opening up full size in a new layer, content management systems and many more.

Excellent documentation

Excellent help documentation is provided both on-line in the application (click on any part to see a description), and in the help file (PDF format available).